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Where from those keys come WORDS

sometimes from my own heart,
sometimes from the pen of
others but, mostly from God's Word.

Sometimes in the form of Poetry,
sometimes in the form of Prose.

But I pray that most of the time
THE WORDS will bring rich blessing
from My Kneehole Desk direct


Elise is going to celebrate her 104th Birthday this month!!

Elsie's Paintings (NEW)!

In September, 2015, Elsie celebrated her 103rd Birthday!!

Chris Fabry Interview with Elsie for her 103rd Birthday!

Interview with the Apostle Paul (NEW!)

Encouraging Words for Christmas

Elsie was interviewed several times by Chris Fabry on his radio program, "Chris Fabry Live". You can listen to the interviews by clicking the links below:

May 8, 2015 here

Only those interviews dated one year or less from today's date are still available to hear through Chris Fabry's website (since past interviews are only archived for one year).

To learn more about Chris Fabry and his radio program, click "here"

To see a few of the photos (taken by Dwight Smith) from Elsie's 100th birthday party, visit Chris Fabry's Blog at: http://chrisfabry.blogspot.com/2012/11/blog-post.html/

Past Encourgaing Words:

Verses for the Month!

Billy Graham's "Steps to Peace"

Now you can download the Encouraging Words, Poems and Short Stories in PDF format here.

Welcome to the Kneeholedesk of Elsie Young!

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