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Today, when we hear of the birth of a baby, our questions usually are: Are Mom and baby doing well? Does he look like Mom or Dad? How much does he weigh?

But have you ever questioned: When and where did an angel ever tell a mother she was to have a baby and who the father would be? Or, to whom and where did an angel ever announce the baby's arrival? and who would come to worship?

Did you ever hear of a Ruler (King or Pres.) who would have all the babies in the area killed, to be sure this certain baby would be put to death? That the parents had to flee the country with the newborn, for safety?

You're probably saying, "Strange questions. Rightly so. But all these things did happen, at the very first Christmas.

I'm sure you know the story: How and when the angel announced Mary's motherhood and who her baby would be about the blazing sky when the announcement of the birth was made to the Shepherds and about the Wisemen's gifts etc.

But did you ever wonder why this news wasn't directed to the High Priest or to King Herod in Jerusalem, or why the hatred for this Baby was so great? Doesn't everyone love babies?

WHY ALL THE DIFFERENCE? Maybe you already know the answer, but let's spend a little time thinking on it.

A MANGER: A feeding place for animals, where the Baby was born. We can still feed there. Jesus is our sustaining strength. The fulfillment of our every need.

A BABY: This newborn is Mary's promised Son, His name is JESUS. He is God, taking on human flesh and form.

A GIFT: The Baby is the Gift! Remember, a gift is never received for wages or work done. It is never earned. It is given from a heart of love. It is never really owned by the recipient until it is taken and accepted.

The BABY, JESUS is the real gift of Christmas. GOD'S GIFT to us...to anyone who will accept Him. (John 3:16)

By receiving the Gift, we are accepting God's plan for bringing us back into relationship with Himself...after being separated from Him in the Garden of Eden. Our thanks to God for His great Love Gift should know no bounds.

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