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Christmas is already in the air. Fragrant evergreens, special sales to entice you to buy that special gift for special people in your life. Plans for family togetherness, cookie baking etc. What started all this frenzy of yearly activity?

It was a very Special Birthday, Jesus birthday, and we have four Gospel writers to tell us about this birthday Person. Each gives us added details.

Matthew introduces Jesus as the Coming King and begins by giving us His genealogy all the way back to Abraham. He makes reference to many fulfilled O.T. prophecies regarding the coming Savior to be born of a Virgin, who would give his life to save his people from their sins.

Mark presents Jesus as a Servant. Therefore, there is no genealogy. Mark begins with Jesus ministry. The details of his baptism, his presentation as the Lamb of God and temptation in the wilderness. Mark shows us a busy miracle working Servant Savior, recording more miracles than any other writer.

Luke (the physician) presents Jesus as the Son of Man and gives the most detailed description of His birth and early life. Jesus was a great teacher and used countless stories (parables) to share common truths. Luke records 20 miracles, 18 parables, and 9 discourses. Luke makes and excellent study book for details on Christís life. (He is the only Gentile among N. T. writers).

John "begins In the beginning was the Word" 1:1-5 and immediately presents Jesus as the Incarnate Son of God. He is the Eternal Word. He took on human flesh so that we might have the gift of eternal life through Him. His glory and power are presented here as in neither of the other gospels. John gives the great discourses on who Jesus is: the Water of Life Ch.4, The Bread of Life Ch.6, the Good Shepherd Ch.10, etc. Jesus explains the New Birth in Ch.3. His Prayer in Ch.17 sheds a true picture of His passionate heart of love for us. Read it and feel it!

Youíll get a fresh glimpse of Jesus, and what Christmas is all about, when you spend some extra time in the Gospels.

Jesus is the reason for Christmas !!

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