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We are in the season we call LENT. Each Gospel records the happenings of the last days of Jesus earthly life. Jesus had instilled into the minds of His followers that He wouldn't be with them much longer. He had taught them about His Father God, what they were to expect these last weeks; what He would suffer and about rising from his grave in three days.

In our own hearts, what does Lent mean to us? Is it merely a time when we refrain from something that we enjoy, or is it a time when we reflect on the actual times in Jesus life, prior to His death and resurrection?

What is your love life with Jesus like? Would you like to refresh your thinking during those days with him? Then I suggest that you turn to the last several chapters of each of the four Gospels.

Sneak in close. Sit in the circle with His followers on the Mt. of Olives as He teaches them. (Matt. 24 & 25; & Luke 21) Follow them on their way to the Garden. Can you sense their apprehension and feel the tenseness in the air as Jesus prays.(Matt.26; Luke 22) Step up close to Him as He stands before jittery Pilate and the angry mob. (Matt. 27 and Luke23) Walk with Him to the cross. We can hardly imagine what He went through, in those days we call Lent.

Now, for the highlight on this whole picture, like an exclamation point at the end of a sentence, Read how Jesus poured out his heart and prayed for his followers in the true Lord's Prayer. (John 17.)

You may think this is more reading than you had planned to do, but you have several weeks. Read it slowly and ask the Lord to refresh your time with him, and he will. I promise that Good Friday and Easter Sunday will have a richer meaning. Try it! I'm sure it will bring joy to your heart. when you realize anew, how great is Jesus love for each of us.

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