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Memorial Day Special

May 31, 2002

Why do we have a National Day that we call Memorial Day? Why does the country literally close down and give the Day off. Banks, P. O. and offices closed. Because it is a day when we go back to remember the countless men and women who gave their lives in a war with the enemies of our country. These young men were and are sons. husbands, fathers. What a sacrifice to pay for our Freedom.

We do not know what war is like. We've never lived in it, but others have given their lives that we may enjoy this luxury. Because we've always lived with freedom, we hardly know how to count the cost. We spend the "day off" with families, vacations and having fun. Surely it would be good, if we spent some time thinking of and praying for the families who forfeited, and are forfeiting their loved ones for us today.

There is another day - - we don't label it as Memorial Day, but maybe we should. It also makes us think of One who gave His life for our freedom. He too, was in a war and He won it on the cross. They said He lost the battle, but we know He didn't. In memory, we call that day . . . Good Friday.

Perhaps it would be well if we stopped long enough to be thankful for both of these special days. . . the last day in May to remember the 1000's who have paid for the freedom of our country with their lives, and for Good Friday, to remember the Lord Jesus Christ who gave His life for the forgiveness of our sin and opened the door of heaven for us.

Our country has freedom, only because some are willing to give their lives for it. We are free to enter heaven only because Jesus Christ, was willing to give His life for our entrance there.

Let's remember that and be thankful.

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