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Thanksgiving plus Thanksliving

Thanksgiving Day is a 24 hour space on our calendars. A day we celebrate family get-togethers. Tables laden with delicious food from Mom's best recipes and a delightful display of her culinary art. Heads are bowed and someone gives a Thank You Lord prayer for the dishes steaming and waiting.

We teach our children to say "Thank you", contribute to food baskets for the needy and perhaps send something extra to the church. Good! All-in-all, it seems to be more of a time to do thing, rather than a thankful heart thing.

Often, like Christmas, much time, energy and money is spent in behalf of the day without taking very much thought as to why we are celebrating.

Following are some things to be THANKFUL for:

FAMILIES: How empty life would be without them.

FRIENDS: A precious gift

OUR HEALTH: Many are not so fortunate.

FOR EYES to see, EARS to hear, A MIND to understand. What would our lives be like without these untold blessings.

SUNSHINE: Without its warmth and light, nothing would grow, neither could we live.

RAIN: Without it...no plant life, no showers, flush or laundry. It is our cleansing agent. Our bodies cannot live without the intake of water.

SOIL: The ground we walk on! Where the miracle of plant life starts. Seeds pop open, roots take hold, growth begins and fruit appears.

CHURCHES AND PASTORS: To direct and encourage us in our Spiritual Life and growth.

FOR THE LORD JESUS CHRIST Himself: who makes all the above possible. And best of all, He has paid the ENTRANCE FEE for our home in Heaven with His own life and coming back again to take us there. Let's work at finding some extra time to be THANKFUL for the abundance to God's rich blessings to each of us.

Ps. 100:4,5.

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