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Our Inheritance - 1Peter 1:3-5

The Stock Market is closely watched these days. Have we made the wisest choices? Will our money be there for our retiremnent, for our children's inheritance? Peter directs us to an Inheritance that is without any doubt. Let's look at how he explains it.

AN INHERITANCE - Something we receive as a gift and haven't worked for. The inheritance God promises IS:

INCORRUPTIBLE - It will not decay, dissolve or terminate.

UNDEFILED - It is not soiled, unclean or corrupt.

FADETH NOT - It will not taper off, decline or lose it's value.

RESERVED - Retained, prearranged, kept for future use.

IN HEAVEN - Abode of God and Angels - Paradise - The world to come.

FOR YOU - who are kept by the power of God, through faith in Jesus Christ. A great Promise!

What an unmatched investment! One that will never vanish or be taken away.It can be had for the asking, through faith in Jesus Christ.You can't beat the promise of Eternal Life plus every provision for the living of it, beginning now. Right? AND THIS CAN ALL BE YOURS .

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