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NATIONALLY, November brings Thanksgiving Day to our Calendars and schedules. It is a happy time. The entire country Celebrates. Offices and stores are closed. Families gather together, seated at tables laden with delicious food and joyful conversation. A special day indeed. However, it seems to be more of – a time to do thing, rather than a thankful heart thing!

Are we a thankful people? Am I a thankful person?

What does thankfulness really mean??? Webster says, “To express gratitude, to be grateful, to praise, to be appreciative.”

To appreciate is to esteem, treasure, admire, sympathize. If you don’t have a definition for Thankfulness, perhaps the above list will be helpful. A thankful heart is always a happy heart.

David challenges us in Ps.107:8 Oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men. (this is repeated in verses 15,21,31)

How often have we heard it said, ”We don’t appreciate what we have until we don’t have it.” Let’s think on the blessings WE HAVE and exercise a thankful heart for them. Could you quickly name 5 things to be thankful for…of course. How about making a list of at least 10 and then thank the Lord for them every day. Remember, thankfulness produces contentment, and that is something to be desired.

There are many things we cannot do, like…

Read a book without eyesight

Hold a baby without arms

Grow a plant without water

Put a rainbow in a cloud

Have Eternal Life without a Savior

Life would be dull and depressing without the countless gifts we daily accept and take for granted. Let’s fill our hearts with thankfulness and Praise to God. Then reap His blessings.

From the kneehole desk of

Elsie Young

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