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Sometime we question the info we get on the daily News. What can we know for sure? Some news is difficult to assimilate. We read the Scripture, God’s Word! Some readily believe. Some doubt and question.

During this Lenten Season, many of us are reading the last chapters of the Gospels, which give us the details of Jesus last days, his crucifixion, death and resurrection. On several occasions, Jesus told his followers, that he would die, be buried, and rise again in three days.

They had watched Lazarus walk out of the tomb when Jesus raised him from the dead. They were amazed when he quieted the waves of the angry sea. They were part of the great feast when Jesus fed thousands of people from one basket of food.

Why then do you think his followers couldn’t believe it when he told them that he would rise again from the dead? You might say, maybe they did! We know some of his closest followers didn’t.

If Mary Magdalene believed, why did she go to the tomb early on Sunday morning, with spices to anoint his body? Luke 24:1 She found he was not there and remembered that he said he would rise the third day. She ran to tell the 11 disciples but her words sounded like idle tales and they believed not. Luke 24:10,11.

When the other disciples told Thomas that Jesus had visited them while he was away, he responded, “Unless I see the nail print in his hands and feet, I will not believe”. John 20:25 20:27-29

And what about the two on the road to Emmaus? When speaking to a supposed stranger, regarding the things that had just happened, how Jesus of Nazareth had been crucified, they said, we had trusted that he would have redeemed Israel. Luke 24:13-21.

How like Jesus to strengthen us in our unbelief.

To Mary, he revealed Himself by calling her name.

To Thomas he revealed Himself by showing him His scars.

To the Emmaus travelers, he revealed Himself to them when breaking bread at their table.

God has revealed Himself to us again and again.

Do we need more?

from the kneeholedesk
elsie young #197

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