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Light has no value where there is no darkness.

Food has no value where there is no hunger

Water has no value where there is no thirst or soil

God’s Word has no value where there is no sin or evil.

In our world -- we have need of all of the above.

We don’t go in a dark room and chase out the dark- ness…we turn on the light switch and the darkness is gone.

We have electricity to care for and eliminate the darkness.

To care for the needs of hunger, we plant and grow food, harvest and prepare it for consumption.

To supply water for our needs, we build water towers,

pipe it to our homes; build canals for irrigation etc.

To supply our spiritual needs, God has given us His Word, the Bible. It has been made available to everyone through Radio and T.V., Churches, Bible Schools, Bible

Study groups, and many more avenues. Jesus said that He came, not for the well person, but for the needy ones.

Phil 4:19 tells us “My God shall supply all your need --- according to…his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

Jesus came to supply our every need. He said:

I am the Light of the world John 8:12

I am the Water of life John 4:13,14

I am the Bread of life John 6:35

The Savior of the world John 1:12 & 3:16

Whatever our need might be today, Jesus loves us enough and is able and willing to supply it. But just as we must turn on the light switch to eliminate the darkness, so we must go to Jesus to receive the fullness of His gifts to us.

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