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Once again it’s that time of year to be celebrating Independence Day. Picnics, fireworks, parades, and fun things with families are in order.

We like being independent. We want to be in control.

Yet, one of the greatest needs of our heart is to have Peace Of Mind and we will go to almost any extreme to obtain it.

For PEACE with Nations, we will go to war.

For PEACE with ourselves, we must adjust our attitudes.

For PEACE with God, we must accept His Gift.

It’s hard to understand why we have such an inbred desire to be independent. Could it be that we over estimate our own wisdom and desires?

We seem to think it easier to trust in ourselves.

That thinking began back in the Garden of Eden, when Eve decided she knew better than God, and in her independent way, acted according to her own wisdom.

Never forget there are always COSTLY RESULTS for independence. It’s when we feel that we can handle things ourselves, without help, that we can see trouble coming our way.

Perhaps we can get a new insight by dissecting the word Independence. If we write it this way, in-dependence, it changes the meaning. When we are in dependence on God, it also gives a new meaning to life. When we are least able to handle present problems, when our troubles are so large they seem overwhelming, God is there to care for our anxiety, to touch our hurts and smooth our troubled waters. So let us ask Him to help us be in dependence on Him for our daily walk.

Phil 4:7 and Prov. 3:5 both tell us that we are to Trust in God and lean not unto our own understanding. Have you ever thought what the Costly Result would be if we did not trust God for our Eternal Life? It would be eternal separation from Him. Where would that be? Being independent won’t help to make a wise choice in that matter. Lord help us to be In Dependence on you.

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