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Lent - Loving - Giving

We are in the midst of the precious pre-Easter Lenten season. Some of you are attending an extra weeknight church service, meditating on the last days of Jesus life on earth and living out His lovelife for us.

It seems to be a pattern for many to "give up" something during lent, as a "sacrifice for Jesus". Why not give a period of TIME each day to reading the last chapters of the four Gospels. This sacrifice of time, can be a real contribution to your spiritual growth. We can follow Jesus to the Garden and Judas’ crowd, to Pilate’s trial, to Calvary. We can hear him answering questions as he goes to his appointment with death on the cross for us. Best of all, we meet him again after his resurrection.

There are 4 weeks remaining between now and Easter
Here are some suggestions for your reading:

First week: Read the last 5 chapters of Matthew. 24-28.
Second week: Read the last 4 chapters of Mark...13-16.
Third week: Read the last 4 chapters of Luke… 21-24.
These are long chapters, but you will benefit greatly by walking hand in hand with Jesus through his remaining days.
Fourth week: Read the last 4 chapters of John …18-21.
Spend as much time as possible in reading these portions.

This will prove to be a most satisfying and enriching experience, especially if a Bible reading schedule is new for you. To familiarize ourselves with the heart of Jesus during these trying days will bring a fresh appreciation to each of us. EASTER equals New Life to all who accept Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

Open the Book and live with him through his last days.

Wishing a blessed Easter to each of you.

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