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My son, hear the instructions of they father and forsake

not the law of they mother, for they shall be an ornament

of grace unto thy head and chains about they neck..

Proverbs 1:8,9.

To my mother, who first shared her life to

give me mine and then through the years

shared her love and time, that my life would be

happy and fulfilled.


I thank you Mother, for your love and care

For the things you’ve done and the

hours you’ve shared.

For the nights you’ve spent by my sick bedside,

For the tears you shed but tried to hide.

May the God above, who made you, Mother,

Grant you peace and joy that

comes from no other,

And my love I add, though imperfect it be,

I want you to know, ‘tis given generously.

Elsie K. Young


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