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Prov. 14:34 Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.

A couple hundred years ago, a band of people cut their ties with their homeland and set sail across the Atlantic Ocean. They desired freedom to worship the True God according to His dictates.

This tiny group banded together in a tightly knit unit to establish themselves on the soil of the Atlantic coast. Times were hard and sacrifices were great. Weather was a problem. The obstacles were almost insurmountable but with determination as their goal, they tenaciously persisted in their efforts to win…and they did.

Establishing a new country was a tough job and uphill work. But firm foundations were being laid. Winters were endured, planting and harvesting encouraged their hearts. They had “heeled in” and were beginning to feel the joys of their new, free homeland in spite of hardships.

But with the growth of any family, there was bickering and fighting among themselves. (Civil War). Differences were eventually overcome and growth proceeded.

They had established the reason for which they came. Churches, schools and hospitals were built and communities bloomed as these helpful cores of living were established. They had come to Worship God freely and were consciously aware of His blessing. With all this growth came a need for greater land space. They began pushing westward: Pennsylvania, Ohio, the great Mississippi River, and eventually through the wide spread plains, mountain ranges and to the shores of the vast Pacific.

As the years passed, the times of sacrifice and hardships in setting up a new livelihood were put in the background of their thinking. A great nation was coming into being.

Growth in riches, and recognition on the world scene began to make them proud of who they were. They didn’t seem to have need of God’s Blessing, which they so desperately depended on when their roots were being planted.

In the beginning, “In God We Trust” was imprinted on coins and paper money. Primary school readers were built on the fact of God as Creator and Savior. The Ten Commandments and prayer were part of public school education. Community life was centered around church attendance, family living, neighborliness, etc. God was honored in the courts, politics and society in general. The new communities were growing together. Cities with their educational centers, entertainment, fast travel all helped people to mingle together and this new nation was feeling very self sufficient.

Later, a group of individuals promoted the idea that God was no longer needed. Weren’t they strong and intelligent, with “think tanks” that could solve any problem? Getting along on their own seemed O.K. For a while “God is dead” became a slogan.

A movement arose to remove “In God We Trust” from the currency. Taking prayer and the Ten Commandments out of schools and National public places followed, along with removing “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance. Some churches no longer teach that God is our Creator and Savior, the One who had been called on for guidance, strength and direction. Many people do not believe or honor the Holiness of God, who forgives sin and opens the door to heaven.

Would you say that the nation was (is) coasting down stream?

Compare: Which do you think is best?

The way it was, OR, the way it is now?

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