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They that wait on the Lord shall renew
their strength, they shall mount up with wings
as eagles, they shall run, and not be weary,
they shall walk, and not faint. Isa. 40:31

We stand on the brink of a brand new year
Like a book unopened and sealed,
The pages all clean like a fresh cloudless sky
With attitudes and actions not yet revealed.

We gently lift the cover,
Turn the pages one by one,
Each day we write our thoughts and cares,
And the deeds that we have done.

What will we read at the end of the year,
What joys and sorrows have we known
What lives have we touched and encouraged,
How much love and care have we shown?

Father, we ask for your wisdom and grace,
For each day from the very start,
You know our weaknesses and our strengths,
May others know that You live in our heart

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