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Genesis 6-9


“I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth”. Gen.9:13.

One day when God was visiting with Noah He told him that because of the extreme wickedness in the earth, He was going to cause a flood of waters to destroy it. It would rain for 40 days and 40 nights and cover all the earth.

This was something new for Noah, for it had never rained before. The earth had been watered with dew. Gen.2:5,6. God told Noah to build a huge ship, and gave him the prescribed dimensions, rooms etc. and what and who to bring into it.

Noah believed God and built it as he had been directed.

Everything came to pass as God had said. God is a God of Love, Grace, and Mercy, but He also Judges sin. After the years of “building”, “raining”, “clearing”,

God talked to Noah again. This time He promised Noah that never again would there be such a flood on the earth and that there would always be night and day, spring-time and harvest.

To prove that this promise to Noah was forever, and would never change, He set a seal in the heavens. He showed Noah the first Rainbow, in the clouds, not in the blue sky. The clouds were the source of the rain, and judgment. God wanted Noah to know that there would be more clouds and that it would rain again, but never a flood like the one he had experienced. Here is the evidence, to show us even today, that His promises never fail. Through thousands of years, the rainbow appears, there in the clouds for us to see.

Today, we are drawn to view a Rainbow…the beauty and splendor of it, just as Noah did thousands of years ago. Time doesn’t change the Promises of our Awesome God.

The next time you view the beauty and wonder of a Rainbow, think of the One who made it and why.

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