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Sometimes we aren't able to go to church and we miss our pastor's sermons. We can substitute by listening to ministers of the Gospel on TV. Or, you could read some helpful sermons right out of the Bible.

Here are some suggestions:

Jesus Sermon on the Mt.----- Matt. Chapters 5-7
To: The multitudes that followed Him
Result: Acts 7:28,29
Reading time: 45 min.

Peter's sermon after Pentecost ----- Acts 2:14-36
To: Multitudes who questioned the Disciples
Result: Acts 2: 37-41
Reading time: 20 min.

Stephen before the Council ----- Acts 6:11-7: 53
To: Certain disputers from the synagogue
Result: Acts 7: 54-60
Reading time: 20 min.

Peter at Cornelius' house ----- Acts 10: 34-43
To: The Gentiles in Cornelius' house
Result: Acts 10: 44-48
Reading time: 15 min.

Paul on Mars Hill (Athens) ----- Acts 17: 22-31
To: Philosophers, Stoics etc. - verses 15-21
Result: Acts 17:32-34
Reading time 10 min.

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