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Thankfulness and appreciation flow from our hearts when we receive GIFTS - and so it should be. We all know that GIFTS are given in love. We also know that every gift, though free to the recipient, is PAID FOR by someone. We also know that more gifts are given than are wrapped and tied with pretty ribbons.

TIME is a precious commodity and given in love. Have you ever taken someone to the doctor? Picked up something from the store? Cared for the children while mother has an appointment? Sure!! Have you benefited from the caring WISDOM of a friend who helped you through a situation when you didn’t know exactly what to do?

We have many needs in life and they are supplied in different ways. People are blessed though people: family, friends, neighbors, etc.

This Thanksgiving Day, let’s go beyond the joy of Turkey Dinners, Family gatherings and regular celebrations, which are all most enjoyable. Let’s set aside a little time and make a list of the many people who have given generously to help make our lives joyful. Then be sure that we share our thankfulness with them.

Can we remember why we had the very first THANKSGIVING DAY and why it was celebrated? Of course we can, but let’s think about it. It was in THANKFULNESS TO GOD for the abundant Harvest, to the new Arrivals on this continent. They were thankful and made a special day set aside for THANKFULNESS. Through the hundreds of years that have followed, THANKSGIVING DAY is special on our calendars and in our lives.

This THANKSGIVING DAY let’s make a special time to thank God, the greatest Giver, for the gifts of Family and Friends –health and mobility. Most of all that His Forever Plan gives us the CHOICE through His Son Jesus Christ, to live with Him forever, eternally.

From the kneehole desk of

Elsie Young

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