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September and School go together...like love and marriage, or flowers and fragrance. School means teaching and learning, (they go together too). Learning is a never ending process from birth to death.

God's Word relates untold numbers of teaching-learning experiences. He has written the Textbook and given us the Holy Spirit to be out Teacher.

We learn our lessons best when we experience them. When being taught the computer, my teacher would tell, and show me, then say, "Now you do it." He knew that if I understood the process well enough to perform correctly - I was on my way to knowing how.

Here are just a few of the many truths God has for us to learn, understand and experience.

1. He is a forgiving Father and has made plans to adopt us into His family. John 3

2. He is our Shepherd. A Shepherd gives detailed care to the needs of every follower. Psalm 23

3 IF we abide in Him and He abides in us, we can ask what we will and He promises to answer. John 15

4. IF we acknowledge Him in ALL our ways, He promises to give direction in our decisions. Prov.3:5.6.

5. He is preparing a home for us in heaven and said He would come back and take us to Himself, so that we might be with Him where He is! John 14:1-6

These are important truths to know and enjoy but there are 100's more. It's like moving from 1st grade through college in the learning process. Let us be sure that we become well acquainted with God's Textbook and the Holy Spirit our Teacher.


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