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Sky Watch

Have you looked to the sky in the morning
When the darkness begins to flee?
And the sun comes to meet the horizon
And the canopy of space you now see?

As the sun comes to meet the horizon,
And the colors appear in the clouds
The pinks, the orange and the purple,
Are beyond our expression with words.

Have you looked to the sky at noontime
When a storm starts to form in the west?
Silver lined thunder bumpers appear
And gray and black sky disturb rest.

The storm rolls in with swift movement,
Streaks of lightning and thunder do crash,
Then it's over, a God-washed world is refreshed,
And rain drops glisten on flower and grass.

Have you looked to the sky in the evening
A bit warn from your long weary day?
And the brilliance you see so excites you,
Leaves you breathless with nothing to say.

Have you looked to the sky with longing,
For the One who has promised to come?
For the sky will be brilliant and glorious,
With the light of the Son of God.

Let us joyfully wait for His coming,
Whether morning or noon or at night,
But words will never be adequate,
To express that triumphant sight!

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