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Jesus said,
"I am the Light of the World,
He that followeth Me
shall not walk in darkness."

The night is dark and often very scary,
The way I cannot see,
But Thou Lord art my light
And so I look to Thee.

The rough spots in my pathway,
Oft times cause me to stumble,
But walking with me through the night
Is One who keeps me from a tumble.

Then the light of morning comes,
My path I now can see,
And in the brightness of the Son.
Night's darkness now must flee.

O blessed Morning Light
When the Son of God appears,
No more night or stumbling paths
And release from all my hears.

I thank You Lord for Your heavenly light,
That shows me through life's way,
You guide, sustain and comfort me,
And I trust You completely today!

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